Get Rewarded for Recycling

Recycle with Recycla and get rewarded with points to use at local participating partners

How it Works

  • Recycle

    Start collecting your recyclables. Sort your Paper, Plastic, Tetra & Can recyclables into different bags. Take your recyclables to your local Recycla partner.

  • Earn Points

    We will collect your recyclables weekly or monthly depending on the location and reward you points according to weight.

  • Rewards

    Redeem your recycling points for vouchers with your local Recycla partners.

School Recycling

Bring your recyclables to school and earn rewards!

Recycla Schools aims at motivating students to take care of the planet through the rewards program.

Recycla partners with schools to educate students on the importance of sustainable practices through educational activities and programs.

Get your School Starter Kit HERE

Or alternatively pop us a mail to find out more:

Corporate Recycling

Get involved at the office with corporate recycling.

Cost effective solutions with incentives for employees to participate.

Find out more about corporate recycling


How do I bring my recyclables to partners?

Bring your recyclables in a plastic shopping bag or reusable bag.

We will weigh your recyclables, track it to your account.

When are my points loaded?

Points are loaded after a collection depending on your outelet, weekly or monthly

How do I redeem my points?

Once you have collected enough points, vouchers can be purchased on the online store.

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